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Terms & Conditions

All deliveries and services are subject to acceptance of our General and Main Terms and Conditions which are set out below.


General Terms & Conditions


You must ensure that the vehicle suits your needs (see Vehicle Specification). In the event of the vehicle arriving to collect your consignment and it is established that it will not fit or will make the vehicle unsafe in any way then we may refuse to load the consignment and abort the delivery. Please be aware that, should this happen, you are still required to pay for all delivery charges.


You must ensure that sufficient people are available to load/unload at both collection and delivery points as our normal service is based on provision of a single driver who has no lifting aids. If your consignment is oversized, too heavy or too awkward for one person to safely handle but safe for a two-man team you will need to book and pay for our two-man delivery service if sufficient help is unavailable at either point. If the collection/delivery is unsafe or unreasonable for a single driver to handle then the delivery may be aborted and you will still have to pay for all delivery charges.


You must ensure that the consignment can be collected/delivered in and out of all premises safely and does not require any form of dismantling or alteration and that all areas/access points are safe so as not to put the driver, vehicle or equipment at risk in any way.


If you wish to cancel a booking you will be refunded in full/have nothing to pay if we receive the instruction before the vehicle is dispatched to your pick-up location. If the vehicle is en-route to the collection point or at any other point in its journey then a charge will be made based on the distance covered subject to our usual minimum charge of £20 per assignment.


Main Terms & Conditions


Available on request or view the PDF file here:

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